Cabinet is preparing for Dance Marathon on Feb. 21 by spreading the word about the event and hosting fundraising events.

According to Melissa Browning, Cabinet member and junior, the biggest fundraiser will be a dinner and silent auction. The date for this is yet to be determined but will likely be in early February. Another event is Zumba FTK, which will be on Jan. 31 in the Freshman Cafeteria.

Browning said these events are all working towards raising money for Riley Children’s Hospital, and will be included in the total amount raised on the day of dance marathon.

One big change in Dance Marathon has been the push to get dancers registered online.

Browning said, “When you register online it’s so much easier to raise money, and when more people can do that, more people can dance.”

Cabinet sponsor Sarah Wolff agrees that the online registration makes the process a lot easier for dancers.

“One of our goals was to up the (accessibility) for our dancers in terms of registration,” Wolff said.

Wolff said she hopes that the online registration will get a lot of people outside of Cabinet fundraising for Dance Marathon. By Madison Adzema.

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